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Gaining Muscle Mass

The way to develop more muscle mass should consist of good strength training and the right diet. Getting enough rest is also required, because muscles won't be able to grow without it.
Gaining Muscle Mass
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Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Strength training with few reps and heavy weights. Natural exercises with functional movements - Squats, Presses and Deadlifts. Limit your practice of endurance sports.


Increase your intake of all macronutrients, particularly proteins, in all the meals you have.


Supplementation will help you take in the amount of protein you need to increase muscle mass, which should be around 2g per kg of bodyweight.

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Pre-workouts support the will to train and also enhance the absorption of nutrients by the muscles because of their vasodilating effect, thereby facilitating muscle growth.


Protein is essential for muscle building, muscles simply won't grow without it. Take maximum advantage of the 30-minute anabolic window immediately after workout by taking whey or beef protein, and don't forget your dose of casein before going to bed, so your muscles are fed while you sleep for 8 hours.


Creatine will increase your muscle strength and mass. When you're stronger, you'll be able to do heavier trainings, leading to even more muscle growth in turn.

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