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Increasing Physical Strength

To become stronger, you'll need more muscle. Increase your protein intake and do strength training.
Increasing Physical Strength
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Follow these tips and start progressing today!


Strength training, with fewer reps and heavy weights. Natural exercises with functional movements - Squats, Presses and Deadlifts.


Increase your intake of all macronutrients, particularly proteins and carbs, in all the meals you have.


Supplementing with Creatine will help you increase muscle strength.

Products to reach my Goals

Before training

If you want more strength, creatine is the supplement to add to your supplementation routine.

During training

Long trainings mean extreme exhaustion. That makes it important to compensate for lost nutrients, particularly when it comes to mineral salts, carbs and essential amino acids.

After training

Intense exercise causes damage to muscle tissue. A good dose of carbs and protein, creatine (if you didn't take any pre-workout) and glutamine are essential for muscle mass reconstruction and increased strength levels.

Injury prevention

More strength allows heavier and more intense trainings, which in turn exert more pressure on the joints. Protect your joints with specific supplements and compounds.

Athlete health

Sleep and rest are essential steps in the recovery from prolonged effort, and so is meeting your fundamental vitamin needs. The right supplements are sure to give you some extra help.

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