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ProzisPro is the Prozis channel for Self-Employed Professionals, Companies and Institutions wanting to increase their income by becoming Prozis Partners and growing together with the European Leader in Sports Nutrition and Supplements.

Get to know us a little better!

We are Europe's biggest and the World's second biggest online retailer, shipping thousands of orders each day to thousands of clients.
On a daily basis, we send out more orders than all other online stores in Europe, which is why we are market leaders in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy. In other European countries, our market share is also considerable.

Our business model is simple and efficient:
We purchase products in large quantities, directly from the brands' laboratories, and sell directly to the end user. Furthermore, we have created our own brand that offers the best product quality and variety, at the lowest prices in the market. As our sales process is free of intermediaries, our reduced expenses present an advantage from which our clients benefit directly.
There is yet another reason that explains our incredibly low prices! The fact that we run a 100% online business allows the benefits of the internet to be transformed into benefits for our client. This means that we offer trust, quality, efficiency and obviously, low prices.

Each and every day, we guarantee a perfect online shopping experience, all the way from the first click while browsing the website until the unboxing of the order in your home.
Being the biggest and most efficient in all of Europe, we also offer the following advantages:


We buy directly from the laboratories

This guarantees that all of our products are genuine and respect the highest quality standards. When buying at Prozis, you never run the risk of receiving products that have been adulterated or falsified by intermediaries.
Product quality and authenticity are criteria we take very seriously, which is why all goods are transported in sealed containers as soon as they leave the laboratories.

Record of all product batches

We keep very strict records of all information concerning the products that we sell, which is why we are always able to identify the lot numbers corresponding to the products sent to each client. This allows us to act quickly in case unexpected production problems arise from the part of the manufacturer. No other retailer offers this safety measure.

Regular laboratory visits

Because of the high quality standards at Prozis, our specialist team periodically visits the producing laboratories in order to keep watch over the quality and the production processes that are in use. If it turns out that a brand fails to pass the tests performed, its products are immediately made unavailable at our store.

Cooperation with public health authorities

On a regular basis, we receive visits from the health authorities, with the objective to confirm that all health regulations imposed by the government area being complied with.

Constant product surveillance

A biometric security system and a closed camera circuit guarantee the safety of our stored products by preventing and detecting possible intrusions in our warehouse. This makes tampering with the products impossible.

Exclusive online distributor

Selling online and selling legally online are two distinct matters.
Hundreds of online stores are currently in existence that sell some of the supplements that can be found at Prozis. Quite a few of those sell these products illegally and without any quality or authenticity control. Prozis operates 100% legally and is the only authorized distributor for many different brands.

Quick deliveries

Because of the large number of orders leaving our warehouses on a daily basis, Prozis has become a reference company for all express transport services. In most cases, we are their main client for express shipping.
This special status allows us to create customized solutions to specific problems, and to receive extra attention from these transport services. This presents an enormous advantage in comparison to other competitors in the market, that translates directly into an advantage for our clients. 
As the transport services give priority to the deliveries for their primary clients, our orders are never among the last to be delivered.

Several shipping services

Various different shipping options are available, leaving it to you as the client to choose the most convenient option.

24 hour deliveries

Prozis is the only company that can guarantee deliveries in 24 hours all over Europe. We currently have the capacity to ship 10,000 orders each day.

Market leaders

As our products are transported with great care, Prozis' guarantee continues all the way to your doorstep. We therefore work exclusively with transport market leaders, that have the capacity to guarantee timely deliveries while also keeping the product quality intact.
DHL, UPS and Chronopost are but a few of the companies that ensure efficient and timely deliveries of the thousands of orders we send out each day. More than mere service providers, over time these companies have come to be partners, helping us to guarantee client satisfaction with each order placed at Prozis.

Logistic center

Prozis' logistic center is the biggest in Europe, consisting of over 150,700 ft².

All products in stock

All products that are available on the Prozis website are actually in stock and can therefore effectively be shipped out. We do not send out different products or flavors because of insufficient stock. At Prozis, you always get that which you choose.

Product storage, quality and preservation

Stock rotation

Every 4 months, all of our stock is sold and renewed. This way you always receive products that are well preserved, with all of their qualities fully intact.

Products with extended shelf life

What is most important to us is the quality. It is always the client who decides when to take a product. The products we purchase from our suppliers therefore can always be stored for a long time without expiring.

Available information on the website

Beside nutritional information about products, Prozis also publishes up-to-date information regarding the lot and the expiration date of the product for sale, which can be consulted before concluding a purchase.


Our products are stocked directly in our warehouse that, being well over 30 feet high, ensures a stable temperature for optimal product storage.

Order packaging

We ship orders in resistant boxes that are equipped with our "Airbubble" system that protects the products from even the most extreme conditions. Moreover, orders containing fragile products are handled and packed with extra safety measures. This way, you always receive your order in perfect condition.

The best price

Best price guarantee (*)

Prozis guarantees the best price for all products. Taking shipping costs into account, Prozis always comes out on top when it comes to low prices.
If however a certain product does not turn out to have the best price in the market, you can always use our "Best price guarantee" system which makes it possible for us to match the competitor's price. Our goal is to offer the best deals to our clients. Your satisfaction is what determines our success, and your loyalty is our biggest reward.


When purchasing at Prozis, you automatically benefit from our client fidelity system. With all orders you place you earn ProzisPoints, which can afterwards be exchanged for gifts or discounts, and you will automatically enroll in special contests and raffles. No other offers as many advantages as Prozis!

Truly low shipping costs.

We offer the best products for the best prices, as well as the lowest shipping costs. Do not let yourself be fooled by seemingly "low" prices. Instead, take some time to compare the total expenses of the order you are about to place, and you will soon conclude that Prozis always offers the best prices on all purchases.

Satisfied clients

The satisfaction of our clients is what fills us with pride, and is a great indicator of Prozis' unique capacity to combine quality, great prices and operational skill regarding order processing. No other online store that is active in our market comes even close to the level of satisfaction that is expressed by our clients.

Environmental awareness

Order packaging and boxes

Our boxes are manufactured from 100% recyclable material. And as we are firm believers in recycling, we support a recycling rate that guarantees that all packaging that is discarded today is used for new packaging tomorrow, ready to be used again, while causing minimal impact on the environment in favor of the sustainability of our planet.

Packaging material

We use the revolutionary "AirBubble" packaging system, thanks to which 99% of the protection of your products consists of only air, and the remaining 1% of fully recyclable material. This is currently the most environmentally friendly packaging system, leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint on our planet.


At Prozis we have over 300 computers and servers. Although seemingly a minor detail, our respect for the environment is maintained also in this regard by our use of Mac® solutions by Apple®. Their equipment is the most efficient when it comes to saving energy, and is comprised of materials that are carefully chosen to cause minimum environmental impact, as well as being recyclable for over 98% when their lifetime comes to an end.


We are proud of the fact that we recycle over 22,050 lb. of cardboard and plastic every month, another way by which we are able to minimize our ecological footprint.

Energy savings

Our warehouse location was not picked randomly. Situated in a temperate zone with little temperature fluctuation, chosen with great care, our warehouse does not require heating during winter or cooling during summer. This saves energy, for which the earth is grateful once again.

(*) We guarantee the best price by comparing retail prices in force in your country.

General information:

Rua do Cais n. 198, Fontarcada
4830-345 Póvoa de Lanhoso

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