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Zona Franca Industrial – Caniçal – Plataforma 28 – Pav. K – Modelo 6 – 9200-047 Caniçal – Portugal VAT nr: 506806693

The access and use of this website, including the offered products and services, are subject to the following conditions.

When using the site, the client agrees to its conditions of use, which may suffer alterations over time. It is recommended to visit this page regularly to stay up to date regarding any alterations that may possibly come to pass.

Website access is allowed on a temporary basis, and we reserve the right to withdraw or change services without prior notice. We do not accept any responsibility if, for whatever reason, the site is unavailable for a certain period of time. In some cases, we may limit access to certain areas within the site.

PROZISPRO does not accept responsibility for any damage or loss as a consequence of the use of any information on this site.

Some of the hyperlinks on this site redirect the client to external sites that are partners of PROZISPRO. By clicking these links, the client leaves the PROZISPRO website. As we have no control over these third party websites, we cannot accept any responsibility for the material presented there.

To be able to place an order, the client will have to be at least 18 years of age, and is obliged to provide authentic information that makes it possible for the order in question to be processed successfully.


PROZISPRO is responsible for and committed to ensure the security of our website and the personal data of our clients and visitors.

Our privacy policy is outlined below. Any alteration to this policy will be posted here, in this statement.

What client information is kept by ProzisPRO?

PROZISPRO collects the client's name, telephone number, postal address, email address for use in marketing campaigns, prize draws and newsletters. When a purchase is made via our website, we also collect further information regarding the delivery address and payment details.

We may also gather other information about the client's personal experience on our website, in order to help us to improve our service.

What is client data used for?

Client data allows our employees to process the placed orders, to contact the client in case of any important operational changes on the website, to carry out surveys, and to obtain information for statistical purposes.

Periodically, we may also send the client information by e-mail regarding products and services, campaigns, promotions and special offers. In case the client does not wish to be contacted for these purposes, the newsletter subscription can be cancelled from the client's personal account.

PROZISPRO pledges to protect client data, which is never to be forwarded to any third parties.

Regarding the processing of the client's order, the possibility exists that client data, such as address and postal code, is passed on to third parties with the objective of fraud prevention and detection.

What are Cookies and for what are they used?

A cookie is a small data file that is sent to the client's computer and kept on its hard disk.

When an account is created on our website, a cookie is created on the client's computer that will permit automatic authentication whenever the client visits our site.

Cookies are also used so that our system can follow the client's steps during a shopping session. If the client's computer does not allow the use of cookies, it will not be possible to use this website.

Updating client information

If the client wishes to verify the data submitted to PROZISPRO, this can be done by accessing his/her personal account.

At all times, client login information is to be stored in a safe place. The client will be held responsible for all orders and activity forthcoming from his/her account.

We do not recommend saving the password in the browser, where it and other personal information can be accessed by others with access to the same computer.


PROZISPRO uses one of the safest online ordering systems in existence, and makes a constant effort to improve its software in order to be able to offer the highest possible security level to its clients.

We use a server certificate, also known as a digital certificate, that guarantees our identity, as well as SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption of transmitted data.


The client fills in and sends the form with the products s/he intends to order. If the subsequent confirmation occurs, the client will receive a pro forma invoice with the full description of products and prices.


All costs related to custom duties are the sole responsibility of the client. PROZISPRO will not be liable for any such costs.


The client is also liable for following all rules and regulations related to the legal sale of the ordered products.


All intellectual property rights to the software and content available through this website belong to PROZISPRO, and are licensed and protected by laws and global treaties. All rights are reserved to PROZISPRO and its suppliers.

The contents of this website may be stored, printed or otherwise presented for your personal use only.

Publication, manipulation, distribution, or reproduction, in any format, of any content contained in this website, is forbidden, as is its linking to any business or company.


Bank Transfer

Our bank account details are as follows:

Bank: Banco BIC

Account holder: ONSALESIT S.A.

Account number: 007900006432991510191

IBAN: PT50007900006432991510191


Country: Portugal

It is strongly recommended to provide a reference to the order number in the bank transfer comments, and to send a proof of payment to our customer support service for faster payment identification and order processing.



The order is shipped on the following Incoterm: EXWORKS.

The Key Account Manager and the client will agree on all the details.


We take all the necessary precautions to ensure that all details, descriptions and prices of the products on our website are correct. Nevertheless, situations may occur in which information regarding products, including prices and promotions, is not correctly published. In cases like these, we reserve the right not to process orders containing such products. If a client places an order for these products, they will be contacted by our Customer Service, informing them that the order cannot be shipped.

Orders may also be rejected due to other reasons, such as: a product being out of stock; inability to obtain payment authorisation; the order is considered to be fraudulent.

All products, campaigns, promotions and offers are limited to the available stock and/or stock allocated for the campaign in question.

PROZISPRO reserves the right to change prices at any time, without prior notice. Payments are always charged in Euros, even though prices may be displayed in other currencies. Some banks may charge currency conversion rates. PROZISPRO has no control over this matter and is, therefore, not liable for it in any way.

The products, information, services and other content provided on and via this site, including, but not limited to, any products, information, e-mails, services and other content provided on any linked site, are solely provided for informational purposes in order to facilitate possible discussions with healthcare professionals regarding treatment. The information provided on this site and linked sites, including, but not limited to, information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is only provided in summary or aggregate form. This information is not intended as a substitute for advice from the client's physician or another healthcare professional, or any information contained on or inside any product label or packaging. Before purchasing or using any product, information or service provided on or via this site, including, but not limited to, any product, information or service provided on any linked site, the client should contact a healthcare professional.

The client should not use the information on this site for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem, or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. At all times, the client should consult his/her physician or other healthcare professional, and carefully read all of the information provided by the manufacturer of a product, as well as the information on or inside any product label or packaging, before taking any medication or nutritional, herbal or homeopathic supplement, before starting any diet or exercise program or before adopting any treatment for a health problem. Each person is different, and the way one person reacts to a particular product may be significantly different from how other people react to this product.

Unless otherwise indicated on this site, Prozispro does not endorse any specific product or service offered, advertised or sold on or via this site, including, but not limited to, any product or service offered, advertised or sold on or via any linked site. Prozispro is not responsible for any product or service sold on or via this site or any claims of quality or performance made on or via this site, including those made on or via any linked site. The client is hereby advised that other sites on the internet, including, but not limited to, linked sites and sites that link to this site, might contain material or information that some people may find offensive or inappropriate; or that is inaccurate, untrue, misleading or deceptive; or that is defamatory, libelous, infringing others' rights or otherwise unlawful. Prozispro expressly disclaims any responsibility for the content, legality, decency or accuracy of any information, and for any products and services appearing on any linked site or site that links to this site.

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